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We create websites that engages your audiences and builds loyalty,our websites work on all devices to ensure the proper user experience on any screen, with all the business challenges we understand tight budgets thats why we avoid unreal costs when offering our services, we are your partner on the web offering web design and web software

We are Get A Website

A freelance web design and development agency

Web DesignBecause the web is our canvas

We offer a unquie Web Design service, customized for your own business needs

Web SoftwareEasy as pie

From Content Managment to Marketing we got esstenial web software for your business

Graphic Design Feel good about your brand

We design all branding material such as logos and business cards

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Responsive background on div using bootstrap part 1

The subject of having a responsive background fill the entire size of a div is something which i have seen many suggestions , using background-size: cover on a div and let it spread across the screen, but what about using columns of content in side that div and how will the height of div with the background spread to fill that height?  you would go a long the following: 1- create a div and

Simple content manger showcase

With Simple Content Manager , it's so easy to build any website you like there are no restrictions what so ever, with 4 color themes and adding more soon, you can easily build a website in an afternoon, you no more need a web designer to build that responsive website all you need is your idea and imagination, some of the examples of website types you can create: Software company website

SCM - Simple content manager

The idea behind simple content manager was is i had my own made cms which i have worked on for a couple of years through out that period the content management system has evolved in terms of content management features such as having a responsive design, easy building different content types such as rich text, uploaders, the system was really flexible in terms of creating different

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